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Pass through the E45 highway from Terni, should you come from Rome, from Cesena if you come from the north, from Sansepolcro if you come from Florence through Arezzo. 
Get out of the highway at Pieve Santo Stefano and drive to the town up to the crossing nearby the Tevere bridge. Take the direction of Badia Tedalda / Valdazze / Pratieghi on the local paved road. 
Drive up to the crossing to Arsicci and follow the Arsicci or Poggio di Arsicci indications up to Arsicci village. 
La Fattoria is the house with a green fence. 

Arsicci 52032 Arezzo, Italy

For informations please contact Paolo Sommariva or Anna Costa:

tel: +39 02 8356545 - cel: +39 340 4841531